Christian NGO provides food aid to Pakistani Muslim and Hindu Converts to Christianity

According to a report published by Pakistan Christian Post, the food distribution programme launched by British Asian Christian Association has been able to reach new converts to Christianity. So far around 6 ex-Muslim and ex-Hindu families that have only come to the Christian faith just a few months before the pandemic started, are now benefiting from British Asian Christian Association’s programme of food distribution.
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Christian NGO BACA also discriminate Hindus and providing the Aid to Christians only, includes newly converts.
The report said, "So far around six ex-Muslim and ex-Hindu families that had only come to the Christian faith just a few months before the pandemic started, are now benefiting from British Asian Christian Association's programme of food distribution."
The BACA has reached to 158 families who faced the impact of Coronavirus. It is also reported that these families have plans to be baptized later this year and were prayed for encouragement in their new faith to continue.
"These food parcels distributed by the BACA in the village of Kukra, Faisalabad, were handed to families who had been praying for God to help them since the pandemic began," the report said.
However, many Hindu and Sikh activists are helping the poor during the pandemic irrespective of their faith. Seema Maheshwari, a human rights activist who too has been engaged in rations distribution among needy people in different parts of Karachi. So far, Maheshwari has distributed rations among 250 families in different parts of the city.
The country's tiny Sikh community is also contributing its share to provide relief to the low-income people, who have been badly hit by the economic meltdown, a direct result of the Coronavirus outbreak.
Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, an organization that deals with religious affairs of the Sikh community in Pakistan, has already allotted portions of gurdwaras worship places as isolation cells for suspected Coronavirus patients.
In addition, according to Charanjeet Singh, a community leader, rations and cooked food were being distributed among needy people irrespective of their religious affiliation, in the gurdwaras in Karachi, Peshawar, Nanakana Sahib, the birthplace of Baba Guru Nanak, the founder of their religion. The rations and cooked food also provided in other districts also.
Hindus and Christians make up 4% and 3% of the total population of Muslim-majority Pakistan, respectively, whereas, the number of Sikhs in Pakistan is estimated between 30,000-40,000.
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