Forced Conversion: Around 102 Hindus convert to Islam, temple turns into a mosque

According to the report published by Times Now, around 102 Hindus includes men, women & children forcibly converted to Islam in Golarchi region which falls under Badin district of Sindh province, Pakistan.
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It has also been reported that all the idols of Hindu gods kept in a local temple were destroyed and the premises was converted into a mosque.
Many news has been reported regarding the religious persecution of Hindu community which is in the minority in Pakistan. Due to regularly forced conversion, the Hindu population in Pakistan is declining sharply since the partition. On the other hand, after separation, Muslims in India grows from 9.9% in 1951 to 14.2% in 2011 as per Census data.
Recently, on May 17, in a viral video, a Hindu woman belonging to the Bheel tribe in Nasarpur village in Matiari in the Sindh province of Pakistan could be seen putting up a strong resistance against forced conversion to Islam. A leader of Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamic Missionary Movement, in Sindh, had allegedly kidnapped a Hindu boy and had demanded conversion to Islam as a ransom for releasing him. Besides, houses belonging to Bheel Hindus had been ransacked and vandalized. Their properties have been illegally grabbed and forced to vacate their own houses.
Pakistan's Human Rights Commission is frequently alerting the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the minority persecution in Pakistan.
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