Sikh Jathedar expresses concern over the expansion of Christianity in Punjab

Akal Takht acting Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh on Tuesday (July 7) has expressed concern of religious conversion of Sikhs in Punjab. He appealed the Sikh community that they should be conscious of the conversion activities.
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According to report, expressing concern over the Christianity expanding its base in Punjab, Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh said, “Followers of every religion have the right to spread their religion but doing so by giving bribes to the people is not fair. The Sikhs should be conscious of this.”
He also said that Sikhs were being harassed for minor offences such as sharing posts on social media while the ones who were accused of bomb blasts have reached Parliament.
According to the report published on Sept 5, 2016, bishops and pastors of Pentecostal and para-Church organizations of Punjab allege that the Census, which is conducted by the Government after a decade, did not tell the actual number of the Christians residing in Punjab.
In 2016, during the State-level assembly of the Christian leaders in Virsa Vihar, a Christian leader Imanul Rehmat Masih said, “In reality, our population is 7 to 10% in the State, but the latest Census shows us less than 1% under a deep-rooted conspiracy against the fast-emerging religion.”
“Even, we are being deprived of the reservation under Backward Classes. When any member of the Christian community applies for a reservation certificate, he is asked to produce conversion certificate which is impossible generally,” he added.
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