Bishop charged for raping a nun, tests positive for Coronavirus

Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who has been charged with the rape of a nun, has tested positive for Coronavirus. The announcement comes as his bail was cancelled after he failed to appear at trial.
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According to the report, officials of India's Punjab State, where Bishop Mulakkal resides, announced July 14 that he had tested positive for Coronavirus. He is displaying symptoms of virus.
A court in Kerala had on July 13 cancelled his bail and issued a warrant for his arrest. He had failed to appear before the court both that day and July 1.
Bishop Mulakkal was arrested on September 21, 2018, in Kerala after a nun claimed that he raped her 13 times between 2014 and 2016. He was released on bail on October 15, 2018
The nun is a member of the Punjab-based Missionaries of Jesus congregation but said the attacks happened in Kuravilangad, the location of one of the order's convents in Kerala.
A witness in the case against the bishop, who is also a member of the Missionaries of Jesus, told investigators on September 9, 2018, that from 2015 to 2017 she participated in sexual video chats with the bishop, having been pressured by him, and that he groped and kissed her April 30, 2017, at a convent in Kannur.
The bishop was charged in April 2019 with rape, unnatural sex, wrongful confinement, and criminal intimidation. He faces imprisonment of 10 years to life if found guilty.
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