Hindus protest at Pakistan embassy in Nepal over temple construction

Members of Hindu organization called Rashtriya Ekta Samaj has protested outside the Pakistan Embassy in Kathmandu, accusing the Pakistan Government of destroying Hindu and Buddhist temples in that country, IANS reported.
Pakistan Embassy in Nepal
They also burnt Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s effigies during the protest while raising the issue of atrocities against the minority Hindus in Pakistan.
Earlier in June 2020, Indian Government too had strongly raised the issue with Pakistan High Commission over the demolition of residences belonging to the minority Hindus in the Punjab province.
Many Hindu organizations of various countries have been expressing displeasure after several hatred videos published on social media against the proposed first Hindu temple in Islamabad.
For the first time Pakistan Government decided to build a temple for minority Hindus. May be due to frequent allegations of religious persecution of minorities, Pakistan Government decided to construct the temple. However, this has become challenging for the Government machinery after daily and significant opposition from local Muslims.
After experiencing the protest of the Muslim community, Imran Khan Government decided to take the opinion of Islamic religious body on the construction of first Hindu temple.
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