Devotees to celebrate Somavati Amavasya at home in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic

This year, in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic and following the guidelines provided by respective State Governments, most devotees have decided to celebrate Somavati Amavasya at their home. Shravan Amavasya, or the day of the no moon, is important from many perspectives of Hindu culture. In India, it is known by different names in different areas, depending on the local culture.
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In India, Shravana Amavasya's eve is historically celebrated in various ways under different names like Hariyali Amavasya, Chitalagi Amavasya, Chukkala Amavasya and more.
The Amavasya Tithi will commence from July 20 at 12:10 am and will conclude on July 20 at 11:02 pm. On this day, several people observe fast and worship their deities.
According to Hindu beliefs, the day is ideal for paying tribute to the ancestors who passed away. Thus, people perform Tarpanam and Shraadh rituals on Amavasya to seek the blessings of the dead in the family and get rid of Pitru Dosha too. It is also reportedly believed that this day is good for getting rid of the Kaal Sarp Dosha. Those who suffer from this Dosha dream of the dead and snakes. This Dosha makes a fearful and anxious human. Those with this Dosha can, therefore, perform Puja on Amavasya to get free themselves.
The Shravan month Amavasya is also important for devotees of Lord Shiva. There are special pujas in temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shri Krishna temples such as Dwarakadhish in Gujarat and shrines in Mathura and Vrindavan conduct special puja at Shravana Amavasya.
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