Heavy rain damages 19th-century mosque built by Hindu convert courtesan Mubarak Begum in Delhi

Due to the heavy monsoon rains in the city, the central dome of a 200-year-old mosque called Masjid Mubarak Begum (aka the Rundi ki Masjid) located in old Delhi's Hauz Qazi has been collapsed.

Mosque by Mubarak Begum_1 
While talking to media, mosque's Imam Mohammad Zahid said that at around 6.45 am; the dome collapsed with a huge sound. The incident happened when he was sleeping inside the mosque.
Mubarak Begum, who was originally a Hindu courtesan from Pune city, built the mosque. According to the Indologists, she was a Brahmin girl taken away from her home, converted to Islam and sold to a Britisher. Sir David Ochterlony, a British resident of Delhi, was married to her.
According to Condé Nest Traveller, in the lane of Chawri Bazaar in Old Delhi, the 'Tawaifs' (courtesans) would entertain the army soldiers. The 'Randis' (yes, the same derogatory word) would rank the highest Tawaif. As per the report, the 'Randis' were like 'divas' who would sing, dance and recite poetries, and the Nawabs would come to them to learn the art of conversation.
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