A Muslim man introduces himself as Hindu to marry Hindu woman, later kills her & daughter

A man from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, named Dilshad killed a woman named Priya and her daughter. Both the dead bodies were buried in their house.
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According to the report, Priya, a divorced woman mate Dilshad who had introduced himself as Amit Gurjar on Facebook. ‘Amit’ invited Priya to Meerut, saying he would like to marry her. On the call of ‘Amit’, Priya went to see him in Meerut with her two-year-old daughter. They were in a relationship for five years.
Two years ago, Priya came to know this guy was a Muslim. This ‘Amit Gurjar’ turned out to be a Dilshad. The revelation about her lover shocked Priya. A fierce dispute ensued. Dilshad had hidden not only his Muslim identity but also the fact that he was married.
Priya filed a case of rape at the Kharkhoda Police Station in 2018. Meerut SSP Ajay Sahni said, however, the two called a truce in some time.
Meanwhile, Priya and her daughter went missing. When the police traced their story, they learnt about the character called Dilshad, arrested him and questioned him in custody.
Dilshad tried to dodge. The cops were but suspecting already something untoward had happened. Multiple police teams began chasing every hunt or clue to get to the bottom of the case. Priya’s story unfolded gradually.
Local Hindu organizations raised the issue with the Senior Superintendent of Police and revealed that Priya and her daughter are the victims of Love Jihad.
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