Black Lives Matter: Britain oldest Cathedral installs a reimagined version of 'The Last Supper' with Jesus as a black man

One of Britain's oldest cathedrals has installed a reimagined version of The Last Supper where Jesus is portrayed as a Black man. The displayed work in St. Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire has been created by fine art artist Lorna May Wadsworth.
Black Jesus_1   
The nine-foot altarpiece, titled The Last Supper, will be placed in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In a statement on their website, the church announced their solidarity in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement.
The statement added that the church would be allies in building a strong and fair community where each human being's dignity is celebrated. So, in favour of accommodating global depictions, the church opted for a reimagined version of Jesus.
To model Jesus's features, Wadsworth cast Tafari Hinds, a Jamaican model as it spins the ideas about who Jesus was.
The artist added that she portrayed Christ just as "accurate" after she got the idea of him looking like a Florentine.
"I also knew there is something in Tafari's countenance that people find deeply empathetic and moving, which is the overriding quality I wanted my Christ to embody," she was quoted by as saying.
The painting will initially be placed as part of prayer installation in the North when the Church of England cathedral reopens on July 4. The artwork displayed at the 11th-century abbey will be replaced with the high-resolution 9-feet print of the painting.
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