Christians sideline religious beliefs, start cremation of Coronavirus victim's dead bodies

In fear of Coronavirus spread within the churchgoers, the Diocese of Alappuzha in Kerala has decided to cremate the bodies of Coronavirus victims in the Church cemeteries.

Cremation of Christians_1 
According to the report, the bodies are being cremated as per Coronavirus protocol and the ashes buried since Christians traditionally believe in burying the bodies.
Following the decision taken by the Latin Catholic Diocese, the Church of South India has also decided similar cremations. It is something 'historical' as usually Christians are used to burying their bodies in their respective parish churches.
The body of Thresiamma, 62 was the first to be cremated at the cemetery of St. Augustine's Church at Mararikulam on Tuesday. The cremation was done as per the protocol and the ashes buried to satisfy the faith and tradition followed by the community.
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