MP’s Tribal Museum of Bhopal streams episodes of Ramcharitmanas on the occasion of Sant Tulsidas Jayanti

In Madhya Pradesh, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sant Tulsidas, the Tribal Museum of Bhopal streamed performance of few episodes of Ramcharitmanas written by the saint-poet, noted for his poetry and bhajans.
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According to the report, as part of the celebrations, the museum staged the performance of the episodes of 'Ravan Vadh' and 'Shriram Rajyaabhishek' on the occasion of Tulsidas Jayanti. The artists of Awadh Adarsh Ramleela Mandal performed the drama based on Ramcharitmanas that depicts the victory of good over evil.
While talking to media, Curator of the Tribal Museum Ashok Mishra said, "Sant-Kavi Tulsidas Ji was noted for his teachings and Dohas. He gave humanity new examples to live by and preached them to abide by the truth and live a truthful and honest life. His observations on life were very astute, and he is remembered for understanding the human nature well."
Folk artists also sang bhajans dedicated to Lord Shiva on the occasion. The museum also showed a digital exhibition of Ujjain Mahakal temple for devotees of the deity online.
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