"It is our duty to save Islam, we will not allow temple construction", say Muslims in Pakistan

Pakistan Government is facing a significant opposition from Muslims to the construction of the first temple in Islamabad. After vandalizing the boundary wall of the temple, local Muslims are now daily keeping a watch on further developments. In a video trending on Twitter, some Muslims are seen opposing Government’s security and shouting, “it is our duty to save Islam, we will not allow temple construction here.”

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As per plans, the Shri Krishna temple was supposed to come up in a 20,000 sq ft plot in the capital's H-9 administrative division, and its fate now lies in the hands of the country's judiciary. A Pakistani court on Monday (July 6) reserved the judgment on the admissibility of petitions against the construction of a Hindu temple in the national capital Islamabad, reported The New Indian Express.
Several videos promoting religious hatred in connection with the temple construction have been published on social media.
In one video, a man can be seen reciting Namaaz while standing on top of bricks which were to be used for the construction of the temple boundary wall. Further, he is also calling upon fellow Muslims to do the same at the site allotted by the Pakistan Government for the temple construction. The temple was sanctioned by Imran Khan's Government with a grant of Rs 10 crore Pakistani rupees.
In another video, a man is seen in the beginning, stating that his son has a message for all. In an aggressive tone, his son says, “Khan sahib (Imran Khan), agar Islamabad mein mandir bana to yeh yaad rakhna, main un Hinduon ko chun chun ke marunga. Samajh gaye? Allah Hafiz. (Mr Imran Khan, if a temple is constructed in Islamabad, then remember, I will kill all Hindus one by one. Understand? Allah Hafiz.)” His younger brother is also seen supporting him.
For the first time Pakistan Government decided to build a temple for minority Hindus. May be due to frequent allegations of religious persecution of minorities, Pakistan Government decided to construct the temple. However, this has become challenging for the Government machinery after daily and significant opposition from local Muslims.
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