AOCC demands resignation of Vatican representative to India for failure to act against the corruption and sexual abuses by bishops

The Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC) has demanded the resignation of Giambattista Diquattro – Papal Nuncio to India (Vatican representative to India) from the Apostolic Nuncio for failure to act against the corruption and sexual abuse cases reported by concerned Christians against Bishops in India.
Vatican Representative to 
According to Goa Chronicle, the AOCC has also alleged that the Papal Nuncio has collected huge money (bribe money) to remain silent and not act against the Bishops who have been accused of corruption and rape – Bishop KA William and Bishop Franco Mulakkal.
Melwyn Fernandes, secretary, AOCC said, “It is in the interest of the Catholics of India that you resign as you do not acknowledge any letters written to you about criminal bishops, more so in the light of the rumours of corruption by you. You are of little or no use to the Catholic community of India and as a diplomat you have failed in your duty, so please resign at the earliest as you have failed in the discharge of your duties,”
So far, many cases of Christian clergies have been reported. Following are some of them-
On December 22, 2015, Bishop of Church of South India's Vijayawada Diocese G. Dyvasirvadam arrested for alleged irregularities in a sale of church property. Police had told a Vijayawada court that irregularities committed in the alleged cases against Dyvasirvadam amount to Rs 530 crore. Apart from this case, Dyvasirvadam had also charged with ten other cases of alleged fraud, theft and sexual assault.
In November 2017, a group of priests accused Cardinal Alencherry and two priests of selling off land and incurring a loss of about US$10 million for the archdiocese.
In February 2018, Catholic priest Thanninikkumthadathil Thomas of the Pala Diocese in Kottayam was arrested for allegedly raping a British-Bangladeshi woman. The accused was the vicar of St Mathew’s Church.
In July 2018, a schoolteacher alleged that four priests of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church sexually assaulted her for several years. In her statement, she claimed they used her confession about a premarital affair to blackmail her.
The same month, a 39-year-old woman from Kayamkulam, Alappuzha, accused another priest from the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church of raping her in 2014. She alleged that at the time of the incident, the accused, Binu George, served as the vicar at St Mary’s Orthodox Church.
A 44-year-old nun has accused Mulakkal of raping her and subjecting her to unnatural sex 13 times between 2014 and 2016 at a convent in Kerala. She has also alleged that the church ignored her complaints, which is why she approached the police.
On June 4, 2019, Police recently filed an FIR against the Archbishop of Mumbai and two bishops for allegedly not acting against a priest accused of child molestation, nor informing the police about the matter, despite complaints by the boy’s father.
On July 19, 2019, Priests of Archdiocese of Angamaly & Ernakulam went on an indefinite hunger strike at Joseph Parekat, yesterday, demanding the removal of George Alencherry from the permanent presidency of the Synod. Cardinal Alencherry is an accused in 14 criminal cases.
On June 7, 2020, Former Justice of the Bombay High Court Michael F Saldhana accused that Bishop William, along with Father Leslie Moras, were involved in the 2019 Mysore Church sex scandal when a woman, who worked in their church, had allegedly accused them of seeking sexual favours.
A Kerala nun who protested against rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal has written an autobiography titled ‘Karthaavinte Naamathil’ (in the name of the Lord). Sister Lucy Kalappura’s autobiography highlights stories of her sexual abuse by the Bishop and priest. A fact which she states “everybody knows but is silent about”.
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