World experiences the celebration of Hindus on the occasion of Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan ceremony

Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan ceremony day has been celebrated across the world with the great devotion, joy and offering tribute to those who were part of Ram Janmabhoomi Andolan. In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, people celebrated the day at home by liting up the Diyas and prayer in front of Lord Ram's portrait. Selected Hindu saints, leaders of Hindu organization and Government representative have participated in the ceremony.
Along with Indians, many people those are living in various countries also have celebrated the day. On this Historic day, Hindus across the world unite together. Lot of people share their images of celebration on their social media accounts and also expressed their sentiments.
The National Council of Hindu Temples, a representative body for over 150 temples in the UK, claimed that nearly every temple in the country was marking the occasion in the form of prayers and Kirtan.
On the foundation stone laying ceremony for Ram Temple in Ayodhya, New York City saw the largest high-definition digital display of Lord Ram on Broadway. The digital display of Lord Ram is one of the most expensive digital billboards of the Hindu deity at Times Square. The display has lit up at 10 am and continued till 10 pm to celebrate the laying of the temple's foundation.
In a video shared by news agency ANI, chants of 'Jai Shree Ram' could be heard in front of the 3-D image displayed at the New York City landmark, resonating with the slogans raised at Ayodhya.
In Washington, some people took out a tableau truck with the digital image of Ram Temple, and went around the Capitol Hill with chanting of slogans "Jai Shree Ram" and moving around the city later.
The Facebook page named About Jewish People congratulates India on this occasion.
In Japan, people celebrate the day with firecrackers, lighting up the Diyas and waving the saffron flags.
In Balochistan, province of Pakistan, the people gathered at the temple and performed Aarti.
In Nepal, the people celebrated at around 5000 places. In Sri Lanka, the devotees have gathered at temples and perform the prayers, greeted each other.
In India, girls from Panini Kanya Mahavidyalaya light earthen lamps to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ayodhya's Ram Temple, in Varanasi, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020. Credit: PTI Photo
In a video, some Muslim women in Hijab have seen performing Aarti in front of Lord Ram's portrait.
Another most trending video Ayodhya in which many people had gathered at Ram Ki Paudi at lighted hundreds of Diyas on this occasion.
In a video, a foreign woman dressed with Hindu tradition congratulates Hindu community. While explaining the importance of Ram Mandir, she said that it represents the survival of Hindu, which is the greatest and oldest civilization on earth. About the History of Ram Mandir, she said that the Abrahamic faiths had destroyed the temple because they believe only their concept of god is correct. They believe those against should be killed or converted. She claimed that many old civilizations like Egyptians, Persians, Yazidis pagans etc were destroyed in this way. She also claimed that 60 thousand temples are destroyed, and 80 million Hindus are killed. However, unlike other civilization, Hindus still survived because of Hindu ancestors never gave up. She ends her video by chanting 'Jay Shri Ram'.
India is the only Hindu majority nation. However, many Hindus have spread across the world and maintaining strong ties to their motherland. The Bhoomi Pujan ceremony of Ram Mandir is one of the most sentimental incident for Hindu community. With reference to History, the Hindus consistently struggle for about the last 500 years to see this day. Many people had sacrificed their lives during Islamic Rule for Ayodhya's Ram Mandir. Even some people had died accidentally during the demolition of Babri Masjid. However, the final milestone is yet to be achieved; the inauguration ceremony of a grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.