TN Government invites applications from damaged churches for repairing

In Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu (TN), the administration has started receiving the application from churches which need to repair or renovate.
TN to fund damaged church 
According to the report, the Nilgiris Collector Ms.J.Innocent Divya said that the TN Government is implementing a scheme for churches functioning in its own buildings. Pointing out that about Rupees five crores have been set aside for the purpose, she said that the Government would entertain as many applications as possible.
Ms.J.Innocent Divya said that the churches should be at least ten years old and both the building and the land on which it is located should be registered.
Ms.J.Innocent Divya also said that the funds would be allocated depending on the nature of the repairs and age of the building. One lakh will be given for churches which were 10 to 15 years old, rupees two lakhs for those which were 15 to 20 years old and rupees three lakhs for the buildings which were over 20 years old.
According to the report published on February 15, 2020, TN Deputy CM O Panneerselvam had announced that the fund for annual maintenance of mosques across the State had been raised to ₹ five crores from ₹60 lakh. The Government would spend ₹ five crores on repairs and maintenance of churches against the earlier allocation of ₹ one crore.
Panneerselvam had also announced ₹ 2.50 crore towards an annual administrative grant for the Wakf Board. Besides, scholarships to the tune of ₹98.66 crores would be disbursed to around 3.64 lakh students of minority communities in the current fiscal year.
After the announcement, the opposition had alleged that the TN Government is wooing back the minorities who are upset with the AIADMK’s support for the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).
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