Hindu man jailed in Bangladesh for insulting Prophet Muhammad

A Hindu man identified as Jibon Krishna Roy has been jailed in Bangladesh for insulting Prophet Muhammad on Facebook.
Hindu man jailed in bangl 
According to the report, Jibon Krishna Roy, a security guard, was found guilty late Wednesday (September 16, 2020) of posting "obscene, derogatory and objectionable comments on Prophet Mohammed", prosecutor Nazrul Islam Shahim said.
"The judge of the cybercrime tribunal in Dhaka sentenced him to seven years in jail," Shamim told AFP.
Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. Although Bangladesh is officially secular, several cases of discrimination and exploitation of Hindus have been reported across the country.
Last year four people were killed and nearly 50 injured after police fired on thousands of Muslims protesting against a Facebook post by another Hindu man.
In 2016, angry Muslims attacked Hindu temples over a Facebook post they said mocked one of Islam's holiest sites.
In 2012, meanwhile, Muslim mobs torched Buddhist monasteries, houses and shops in coastal Cox's Bazar district after a photo of the Koran that was considered defamatory was posted online by a young Buddhist.
In Bangladesh, due to mass persecution and genocide, the Hindu population has been declining over the past several decades. In 1941, the Hindus formed about 28% of the population, which declined to 22.05% in 1951. According to the 1974 census, the Hindu population further declined to 13.5 %. Presently, the Hindu population is 8.96 % in Bangladesh. According to a study by Pew Research Organization, Hindus will constitute 7% of the population of Bangladesh by 2050, while Muslims will form 92% of the population.
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