Due to Coronavirus pandemic, the Philippine Church prohibits worshippers from touching Jesus statue believed to have healing powers

Thousands of devotees thronged a Church in the Philippine capital to look at a centuries-old statue of Jesus Christ believed to have miraculous healing powers. However, fearing it could turn into a Coronavirus super-spreader event this year (2020-2021), authorities cancelled the parade for the first time in decades. The authorities urged people to watch the masses live-streamed on Facebook.
Due to Coronavirus Pandem 
The report claimed that ignoring official pleas to stay home because of the Coronavirus threat, Christians gathered along an avenue outside the Quiapo Church in Manila where the first of 15 masses for the feast of the Black Nazarene began before dawn.
The report further said that the people patiently waited to enter the Church or watched the back-to-back masses broadcast live on large screens outside. The orderly scenes were in contrast to the normal frenzied procession involving hundreds of thousands of pilgrims risking life and limb to touch the icon in the belief it can heal the sick.
Worshippers attending the Church were forced to look but not touch the icon, which was placed out of reach on the balcony above the entrance.
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