Narendra Modi Government's 'special relationship' with Sikhs

The Narendra Modi Government has taken several steps for the welfare of the Sikh community which is at the forefront of the farmers' agitation. A document put out by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government's special relationship with the Sikhs" is a new outreach by the Centre seen to assuage the community.
Sikh farmers agitation_1& 
It said Prime Minister Modi's special relationship with Sikhs has been seen in his personal gestures to the community and to the Sikh Gurus, as well as in his Government's work for empowering the Sikh community. "He has paid great respect to the Sikh Gurus while he has always lauded the bravery, courage and spirit of enterprise of the Sikhs. With such a Prime Minister at the helm, no wonder that the Government also has taken many institutional measures for the welfare of the Sikhs," the document said.
In a section called 'Powering Punjab's Progress', the document says Punjab has a special place in Modi's heart, having had a long relationship with the State's politics and people. "He has seen closely the challenges faced by the people of the state and has always accorded top priority to the development of the state. PM Modi has worked with attention to detail to address various longstanding issues of the State," it said.
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