Sri Lanka to continue cremation of all Coronavirus victims despite opposition from the Muslim community

Sri Lankan Government rejected the international pleas and recommendations to allow the Muslims to bury their dead due to Coronavirus in line with Islamic custom.
Sri Lanka to continue cre 
In Parliament speech, Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said, "This decision will not be changed for social, religious, political, or other personal reasons."
According to the report, in December 2020, authorities ordered the forced cremation of at least 19 Muslim Coronavirus victims, including a baby, after their families refused to claim their bodies from a hospital morgue. This stoked dismay and anger among the Muslim community, moderates and abroad, with the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation repeatedly expressing concern.
The report further said that Sri Lanka's Muslim Council (SLMC) accused the Government of trying to provoke Muslim youths into doing "something rash" with its decision on cremations, a claim echoed by Justice Minister Ali Sabry, a Muslim.
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