Kerala Christian group to promote non-Halal meat among the community

Kerala’s Christian organization named Inter Denominational League is planning to create awareness among Christians to ensure that they get non-halal meat.
Kerala Christian group to 
While talking to the Christian news agency named UCA News, Murphy Thomas, Chairman of the Inter Denominational League, said, "We know many Christians eat halal meat, which has religious importance to Muslims, and therefore we want Christians to avoid it and be aware of shops that sell non-halal meat."
"Christians should know what meat are they eating," said Murphy
According to UCA report, the Arabic word "halal" means "permissible or lawful." Islam insists that the meat its adherents consume should be from animals or poultry killed by cutting of the jugular vein, carotid, artery or windpipe accompanied by certain prayers.
Murphy Thomas further said that Christians and Hindus should be made aware of the kind of meat they consume. They have a right to reject meat processed with Islamic prescriptions, he asserted.
Meanwhile, Government agency named Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority removed the word "halal" from a red meat manual on January 4, 2021.
In Kerala, Christians comprise 18 per cent; Hindus comprise 55 per cent and Muslims constitute 26 per cent of the total population.
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