UP Government to develop Sankisa village as a Buddhist pilgrimage site

In a visit to Farrukhabad, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had told the Uttar Pradesh State Tourism Department to develop Sankisa village on the lines of Sarnath and Kapilvastu into a pilgrimage site. He had also told officials to draw a route map from Sarnath to Gautam Budh Nagar linking Sankisa.
UP Government to Develop  
“It is a matter of pride that UP is home to the majority of the places associated with Lord Buddha. The state government is already working on the development of the Buddhist Circuit, and Sankisa surely deserves to be included,” the CM had told officials, adding that “the place was also related to the Mahabharata.”
Sankisa is one of the ancient villages in India. King Ashoka developed this place. He built a stupa and a temple in this village. The village is located on the north bank of the Ikkhumati river (Kalinadi), between Kampil and Kannauj, twenty-three miles west of Fatehgarh.
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