Alandi and Pandharpur temples blossomed with tricolored shades

Mumbai, Jan 27: Alandi's Sant Dnyaneshwar temple and Pandharpur's Vitthal Rukmini temple were glorified with the beauty of Indian tricolor resembling in the flower decoration on the occasion of Republic Day. The map of sovereign India and the structure of Bharat Mata was also made out of the flowers at Alandi's Dnyaneshwar Mandir. The green color of the decoration was suited with the use of Tulsi patra, considering the fondness of Vitthal Rukmini for the herb.
Alandi and Pandharpur tem 
The temple of Vitthal Rukmini at Pandharpur, is specifically famous for the varied flower decorations that are executed for every important Hindu as well as national festival. Bhakts had also crowded the temples to get a glance of the splendid view of the temples. Initially on Jan 24, on the occasion of Putrada Ekadashi, the Pandharpur Devasthan experienced a somewhat similar number of Bhakts visiting the temple as the picture was before lockdowns, that were initiated due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Thes recent republic day decorations at the temples added to the glory of the temples.
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