Catholic Church to convert Protestant Christians in Kerala

The founder of a Protestant movement in India has accepted the Catholic faith, after more than a decade as a Pentecostal Pastor and travelling preacher. Sajith Joseph, 36, was confirmed December 21, 2019, at St. Mary's Cathedral in Punalur located Kerala State. His family and nearly 50 other members left the Protestant movement to accept the Catholic faith.
Catholic Church to Conver 
According to the report, Joseph is the leader of Grace Community Global, which he founded in Kerala in 2011. While talking to media, Joseph said that it is impossible to unite Christians because of the difference in Protestant and Catholic doctrines.
"I was trying my level best to bring unity to Pentecostal groups through Grace Community Global," Joseph explained, adding that he eventually realized this unity was "impossible because of the difference of doctrines."
"Studying Church history made me rethink the beliefs I had. Then… the theological, doctrinal unity made me think secondly about Catholicism and Catholic theology. So, my theological convictions made me come back to Catholicism and the Catholic Church," he said.
Fr. Theruvath told media that a process of sorting out how the members of Grace Community Global want to proceed has begun. Most of the members are Protestant, but the group is also followed by Oriental Orthodox Christians, as well as Hindus and Muslims.
They are trying to proceed with prudence, Fr. Theruvath explained, by "slowly preparing" those seeking conversion. "We are in the initial stages, [there is] lots of work to do."
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