Police arrest four Muslims who entered Garba pandals fraudulently

Madhya Pradesh Police has arrested four Muslim youths who allegedly entered Garba pandals fraudulently. They were arrested from Oxford College located in Indore. Some students have alleged that the accused were entered illegally in the Garba event organised in the college.
Police arrest four Muslim  
In a police complaint, a student wing leader said that the district administration had permitted only 800 at the programme, but many more than 10,000 people showed up. The organisers turned it into a commercial event by selling tickets. He also accused the college of “encouraging Muslims” to attend a Garba program organised during the festival of Navratri.
After observing several cases of fraud conversions and harassment of girls, people have decided to bar entry to persons belonging to a particular community at many places in Garba pandals. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Governments have made laws to curb unlawful conversions. However, it has been observed that people are taking precautions. Following is the image of a poster barring entry to non-Hindus in Garba pandal. The image went viral on social media.