Uttarakhand Govt to probe case of SC people land allegedly occupied by local Muslims

The Uttarakhand Government has decided to form a committee that will investigate the illegal usurping of land belonged to the Scheduled Caste community by the local Muslim community.
Uttarakhand Govt to probe 
The matter came to the limelight when some social activists informed the Uttrakhand Chief Minister about the illegal land deals being done by the people of the Muslim community originally belonging to Aligarh and Sambhal. They alleged that the land was bought by threatening the original landowners. Additionally, they also described the plight of women who had handed the complaint letter to the SDM of Dhari, the Tehsil to which the village Sarna belongs.
On September 22 and September 23, 2021, people of the Muslim community had illegally bought a total of 23,760 sq. ft of land from the people belonging to the Hindu SC/ST community in the Sarna village of Nainital. A total of 13 registries were done in two days. These registries do not have prior permission from the district collector. The Uttarakhand Zamindar Destruction and Land Reform Act – 1950 makes it compulsory to take prior approval from the district collector before buying or transferring land from a person belonging to a scheduled caste community.