Hindus killed in Bangladesh

The persecution of the minority Hindu community in Bangladesh is not new. They have been persecuted for the last several decades. However, on the occasion of the Hindu festival Navratri, some Muslims attacked Hindu devotees and temples across 22 districts. In this attack, two men were killed. Some are still missing. According to local news reports, several Hindu devotees were badly injured. In addition, the Muslim mobs vandalised idols and other religious materials placed inside the temples.
Hindus killed in Banglade  
According to AFP report, more than 200 protesters attacked a temple in the southern town of Begumganj when Hindu devotees were performing the last rituals on the final day of Durga Puja. Local police station Chief Shah Imran said that the attackers on Friday stabbed an executive member of the temple committee to death. The next day, the police found the body of another Hindu man near a pond located next to the temple.
"Two men have died since the attack. We are working to find the culprits," AFP quoted district police Chief Shahidul Islam as saying.