Bengaluru Archbishop opposes survey of churches & missionaries

Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bengaluru, Karnataka, has opposed an order to conduct a survey of churches and missionaries in the State. The order had been issued by the legislative committee on backward classes and minorities welfare.
Bengaluru Archbishop oppo  
"This (survey of churches, Christian missionaries to check forced conversions) is not a good move. It is not necessary," Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bengaluru, said.
Regarding the committee's order, Legislator Gulihatti D. Shekhar had said, "It is not a survey exactly, but we have sought information on how many churches are authorised and how many are not. The minorities department has told us that there are 1,790 churches but in many places, churches have refused to provide documentation. We as a committee reserve the right to review all issues concerning backward classes and minorities."
"Of course it is. People from backward classes, poor families are being lured into conversion. Even as early as 2008 when I was minister, people from my community (Lambani) were being converted with allurement. I was even threatened for interfering. Now the instances have increased," Shekhar said.