How the idol of Arabian Goddess Al Laat demolished

Taif is located near Makkah in the pre-Islamic era. Residents of Taif were strong idol worshipers. One day in Feb 630 CE, Prophet Muhammad came to know that Taif people declined to follow Islam and continue idol worship practices. Prophet Muhammad and his invaders encircled the Taif region and barred Taif people from all transportations. As a result, a delegation of Taif leaders decided to meet Prophet Muhammad.
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The delegation met Prophet Muhammad and told him that they were ready to embrace Islam. After that, the delegation asked for some concession. They told Prophet Muhammad that as Taif women were staunch devotees of Goddess Al Laat, idol worship should be permitted for them for three years. But Prophet Muhammad denied it. Then they asked for two years, Prophet Muhammad denied it again. Then they asked for one year, but Prophet Muhammad refused to permit idol worship. Finally, Prophet Muhammad told them that Islam followers and idol worshipers could not live together simultaneously. He told them that all idols should be demolished within a day. Then the delegation had requested Prophet Muhammad that he should send his invaders for the demolition of all idols located in the Taif region. They requested the Prophet that the Taif people should not be forced to demolish idols; instead, Prophet may send others to do the same. Prophet Muhammad accepted this request.
As per this discussion with Prophet Muhammad, all Taif people embraced Islam. Prophet Muhammad assigned idols demolition task to Abu Sufiyan. He reached Taif and demolished the huge idol of Goddess Al Laat. Taif women crumbled with cries and sorrow while watching the demolition of their dearest goddess; however, they were forced to remain silent by Taif leaders. Taif people had not removed Gold jewellery garlanded to idols. Muslim invaders looted this Gold jewellery after destroying the idols.