France closes 30 mosques that allegedly promoted fundamentalism

France has shut down one-third of 89 inspected mosques since November 2020, the French interior minister said. Gerald Darmanin told Le Figaro newspaper that before the "anti-separatism law" was enacted, 650 places were closed in the country for allegedly housing "extremists", and 24,000 places were inspected by French police.
France closes 30 mosques  
(The Grande Mosquée de Paris | © Guilhem Vellut / WikiCommons)
Darmanin stated that as a result of the inspections carried out in 89 mosques since November 2020 over radicalization allegations, one-third of them have been closed.
He said that the bank accounts of 205 associations have been closed and two imams have been expelled from the country. Gerald said, “We want to instill terror among those who want to spread terror against us.” He further said that foreign religious officials will not be able to come to France from the year 2023. Not only this, the residence permit of foreign religious officials who are already here will not be extended, he added.