Tehri Police demolishes illegal mosque after twenty years

Tehri Police in Uttarakhand demolished an illegal mosque near Tehri Dam after receiving several residents' complaints for the last twenty years. Residents in Khand-Khala Koti Colony near Tehri Dam had demanded the removal of an illegal mosque built on Government land in early 2000. A group of local people had started fresh protests against the mosque in September 2021 and paced up the efforts to get over 150 square meters of land freed from illegal possession.
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It has been seen in a viral video that some workers removing the illegal structure. The video has been uploaded by a protester Akshat Biljwan on the social media profile. Earlier, he had uploaded his video in which he said that just a few meters from the mosque, there is a CISF base that protects the dam from any danger. However, no one took action against the encroachers.
"Every Friday, hundreds of Muslims come here to offer prayers. After offering prayers, most of them sit on the road. There is a college nearby, and women from the locality often pass through this road. There have been countless cases of harassment in the region, especially on Friday, where there are over hundred Muslims sitting on the roadside. We have complained several times, but no one is ready to take any action," Akshat had said.
Several netizens had criticised the Uttarkhand Government for not taking action against the illegal mosque. After the protest, SDM Apurva Singh had assured that the controversial structure would be removed as per procedure but denied telling them when it would be removed.
SDM Apurva Singh had said, "At this point, those who were administering the mosque have approached minority commission. As per the law, we have to answer them and take further steps, which is taking time. I cannot promise that it will be removed in a day, a week or a month, but I can assure you that it will be removed."
However, Tehri Police informed on their social media profile about the removal of the illegal mosque and requested not to viral misinformation on social media.