Court denies bail to a man who used a fake identity and attempted to convert a woman to Islam

Delhi Court denied granting bail to an accused who used a fake identity, married a Hindu woman and later attempted to convert her forcibly to Islam. The woman had accused the man of convincing her of his religion with a fake Aadhaar card but later threatening to kill her when she resisted conversion.
Court denies bail to a ma  
The judge said that the complainant alleged the accused had shown her an Aadhaar card displaying his photograph and the name Rahul Sharma when proposing marriage to her. “The local police are unable to get information regarding the said Aadhaar card from UIDAI and, therefore, the investigation is to be carried out by some special unit/branch as preparation of a forged Aadhaar card involves serious ramifications and the likelihood of a widespread and well-equipped gang of persons in such activity cannot be ruled out,” the order said.
The woman had claimed that the accused had married her in a temple by saying he was a Hindu named Rahul Sharma. It was only on the birthday of their daughter that she learnt he was allegedly a Muslim and that he then insisted on a marriage in the Islamic tradition. Under pressure, the woman claimed, she underwent the second ceremony.
The court noted, “Initially fearing social ridicule the informant did not come forward to take any legal action. Taking advantage of this the applicant (accused) proposed the informant (woman) to accept Islam and marry again as per the Islamic tradition in order to secure her future as a result of which on 20.06.2012 under tremendous pressure and fear and considering the future of her child, the informant married the accused as per Islamic rites.”
The woman also accused the man of abusing her, her child and their religion and threatening her with death whenever she protested.