Father of 4 children marries a widow & converts her to Islam forcibly

A Muslim man named Ajabul pretended himself to be a Hindu, married a Hindu widow and later converted her to Islam forcibly. The incident took place in Jharkhand. Ajabul is a father of four children, but he told the victim that he is unmarried.
Father of 4 children marr 
Ajabul introduced himself as Rajesh and befriended the Delhi based victim. He kept a physical relationship with the victim. He brought her to Etawah in Uttar Pradesh, where she came to know that the real name of the Rajesh is Ajabul Sheikh, and he is a Muslim. Somehow the accused convinced the victim and converted her to Islam before Nikah (marriage). The victim gave birth to two children and converted them to Islam under the pressure of her husband.
After some days, the victim realized that Ajabul had already married another woman and had four children. Moreover, he started abusing the victim. As a result, she registered the case in the police station.