Afghan Hindus, Sikhs meet Taliban-appointed Kabul Mayor, urge for the upkeep of Gurudwara

Kabul, Oct 7: A group of Afghan Hindus and Sikhs met Hamdullah Nomani, the Taliban-appointed Kabul Mayor and head of the Kabul Municipality Commission, to discuss issues related to the city and also about upkeep of the Gurudwara in Kabul.
Afghan Hindus, Sikhs meet 
Ram Sharan Singh, an Afghan Hindu resident of Kabul, said that a group of around 10 Afghan Hindus and Sikhs met the Kabul Mayor. “We were around 10 people (Afghan Hindus and Sikhs). We urged the Kabul mayor for the upkeep of the Gurudwara Kate Parwan Singh Sabha,” Singh said.