Startup launched to sell 'Halal' products dedicatedly

A startup has been launched to sell Halal products dedicatedly in Indonesia. "Halal" is a term used for consumables permitted under Islam as per Sharia Law. These products are totally manufactured, delivered by Muslims only. Each and every money associated with these products is circulated within the Muslim community. However, this is one of the several conditions to mark the product as Halal.
Startup launched to sell   
Indonesia has an 87% of the Muslim population. This startup has been launched to attract such a massive population in the name of Halal. Its name is Evermos, a Tehran based startup. It may hamper the businesses of non-Muslims in Indonesia. Some people have called it discriminative for non-Muslim people in business.
However, religious bodies have welcomed the startup. Additionally, they have started pressuring the Indonesian Government for its promotion. This startup has initially started working with 500 brands that follow Islamic Law while making their products.