Vaccine hesitancy observed in Muslim-dominated areas

Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that Vaccine hesitancy has been seen in Muslim-dominated areas across the State. He further said that the ministry would take the help of Bollywood Actor Salman Khan to spread awareness about the Covid-19 vaccination within the Muslim community.
Vaccine hesitancy observe 
Even in the country, many Muslims have refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine by giving several reasons. Initially, the community had raised the question of its Halal status. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the local Government officials took the help of religious leaders to aware the community about the pandemic. Officials urged religious leaders to urge the community to get the vaccine. Officials requested maulvis to make an announcement from mosques about the vaccination drive.
The Muslim community has been criticized for its behavior in the Covid-19 pandemic. Several reports have been published which claimed that the majority of Muslims denied following Covid-19 guidelines. Police have registered several complaints across the country under epidemic law. Many videos have been surfaced where the community members offered namaz together without masks.
According to a report published on December 25, 2020, U.P's Deoband cleric, Qari Ishaq Gora has urged Muslims to wait for fatwa before taking Coronavirus vaccine. The cleric said before taking the vaccine for Covid Muslims should check what's in it to know if the substances used to make the vaccine are allowed in Islam or not. Whether the vaccine is safe for Muslims will be decided by the head of the Fatwa department. This comes amidst the rumours that the COVID vaccine is made from pork, which is prohibited in Islam. Eating pork is considered as 'Haram' in Islam.