Complaint filed for attempt to convert Hindus to Christianity in Assam

A group of local people lodged a complaint against two missionaries for attempting to convert Hindus to Christianity. The incident took place in Silchar Assam. The accused have been identified as Nitu Goala and Shirsha Bagdi. Both women are local residents.
Complaint filed for attem  
The locals told police that Goala and Bagdi were Hindus but later converted to Christianity. Now they are trying to convert more Hindus to Christians. They were saying that Hindus do not have to perform puja; their God and faith are superior. This has hurt Hindu sentiments and it cannot be tolerated in a Hindu area.
The residents further alleged that two were offering cash to convert poor Hindus. They were offering money to some Hindus and asking them to follow Christianity because their faith is superior. The leaflets they were distributing also say that people can get mental peace if they converted to Christianity to attain God, they told police.