Karnataka Cabinet clears Anti-Conversion Bill

Karnataka Cabinet cleared the Anti-Conversion Bill during the Cabinet Meeting. Now the Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill-2021 will be introduced in both the Houses of the State Assembly.
Karnataka Cabinet clears  
The draft legislation has the provision to imprison individuals indulging in mass conversions for between three-10 years. The law, once passed, will also mandate a fine of Rs one lakh on those convicted for mass conversions.
According to the draft bill, a person who intends to get converted into another religion willingly will have to undertake a legal process that involves him/ her declaring that he/ she are willingly, and without any force, wishing to change their religion.
According to the proposed bill, a religious converter will have to give one month's notice to the concerned authorities regarding the location and the date of the scheduled conversion. The police will then conduct an inquiry into the motive, purpose and cause of such conversions.