UP conversion case: Life threat to witness who claims Maulana forced him to trap Hindu girls to convert them to Islam

Nitin Pant, one of the prime witnesses in the biggest forced conversion case that came to light in Uttar Pradesh, claimed that Maulana Kalim had forced him to stay in the madrassa and tried to brainwash for his conversion to Islam. Nitin further alleged that one local police officer threatened him to leave the ashram; otherwise, he would be killed. After his allegations, the Senior Superintendent of Police has assured him about the investigation, Dainik Bhaskar reported. 
Life threat to witness wh 
In October 2021, the UP's Anti-Terrorist Squad had arrested Maulana Kalim for the illegal conversion of non-Muslims to Islam and money laundering case. The police recovered several documents and his network. The police called it the biggest conversion case in India.
Witness Nitin Pant alleged that Maulana Kalim forced him to stay in madrassa and brainwashed him. Later, Maulana Kalim forced him to trap Hindu girls in his love and convert them to Islam. During the investigation, police arrested several people linked with this conversion racket. Police had searched Nitin during the investigation. In his statement to the police, he revealed about the conversion racket.