"Because of their threat, I have converted to Christianity. They gave us a Bible & Rs 5000 in cash," says victim in FIR

A Hindu man in Madhya Pradesh filed a complaint against a Christian missionary over the forced conversion to Christianity. The victim has been identified as Dharmendra Dohar. He alleged that the Christian priest Father George Mangalapilly gave him Rs 5000 and asked him to pray before Jesus and embarrassed Christianity. Furthermore, he alleged that the missionary enticed him and forced him to leave the Hindu faith. Mangalapilly is a professor at St Ephrem's Theological College in Satna.
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(Photo of Christian missionaries at Civil Lines Police Station at Satna, MP)
Dharmendra Dohar further alleged that the missionaries had converted several innocent people in the village by fraud. In his complaint, Dharmendra Dohar alleged that Christian community members have been visiting the village for the past two years and luring him with money to convert to Christianity.
"Because of their threat and lure, I have converted to Christianity. They gave us a Bible and Rs 5000 in cash," he said.
After the complaint, police arrested Christian Missionary George. According to Hindustan Times, Satna Superintendent of Police, Rajesh Hingankar, said that police brought all clergymen – said to be about 32 – to the police station.
According to the BBC Hindi report, local journalist Sanjay Pyasi said that such incidences have increased in the village recently. The villagers are not seen celebrating the festivals like before.