Christian priest files complaint against his NGO's trustees over cheating & fraud

Christian priest Father Joseph Pereira registered a complaint against his trustees of his NGO. Father Joseph Pereira is a founder trustee of the Kripa Foundation and a Padmashree Awardee. He filed a case of cheating, forgery and criminal conspiracy against three persons, including an office-bearer of the NGO, for allegedly forging his signature and siphoning off money from the bank account of the NGO. 

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Pereira has alleged one of the accused named in the FIR is an office-bearer who, along with the complainant, holds the charge of vetting and signing all the cheques for disbursement of payments. Pereira is the principal authorized signatory, and the office bearer named in the FIR is supposed to take him in confidence before taking any crucial decision, Indian Express reported.
"During the time of my international travel, they forged my signature/utilizing and misusing my electronic signature in their possession after having passed a bogus and fabricated Special Resolution without my knowledge of consent by acting as the Board of Trustee and creating a bogus document called a Special Circular Resolution dated August 23, 2019," read the complaint filed by Pereira.