German man chooses Hindu way of living, marries Russian woman as per Vedic rituals in Gujarat

A video has been surfaced on social media that claimed a German man married to a Russian woman as per Hindu tradition. Germany's Chris Muller married Russian Julia Ukhvakatina in a Hindu ceremony with all the rituals in line. According to a report, Muller belongs to a wealthy household in Germany. However, he has given up his lavish lifestyle to seek spirituality. He has been living in India for the last few years.
He is well-travelled and after being to virtually each and every continent in this world, he eventually decided to settle down in the subcontinent. He came across Ukhvakatina, who is from Russia.
Conversion to Hindu faith 
In order to tie the knot, they met Lalabhai Patel, who organized a marriage ceremony for them in his village. The German-Russian couple wore traditional Hindu attire and carried out all the rituals together with Saptapadi (seven rounds around the fire). Mr Lalabhai Patel supervised the whole ceremony. They had a Ganesh Puja as well as a Haldi ceremony, which is a popular Hindu wedding tradition.
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