Home Ministry grants citizenship to persecuted 3117 non-Muslims of neighboring Islamic countries

Union Home Ministry granted persecuted 3117 members of Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Jain communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh in the last four years (2018-2021). According to Union Home Ministry, 8244 applications have been received for the citizenship in these four years. The non-Muslims have been persecuted for their religious faith. Still, many non-Muslims from these countries are in the pending list of Home Ministry for citizenship of India.
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The question was asked in the Upper House of the Parliament named Rajya Sabha. The Home Ministry placed the following reply to the question in the House.
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Non-Muslims have been persecuted for many decades after the invasion of Islamic rule. In past decades, the population of non-Muslims, specifically Hindu people, has declined drastically. The data shows a rapid decline in the population of religious minorities in these Islamic countries.
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A report compiled by Members of the European Parliament attributes multiple reasons for the decline of the minority population, including communal violence and forced conversions.
In 2014, NGOs estimated that around 1000 girls from minority groups, especially Hindus & Sikhs, are being forcibly converted to Islam every year. In November 2019, a parliamentary committee was formed to prevent the act of forced conversion in Pakistan, but no further action was taken to secure minority rights.
Even during the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan, reports emerged that rations were being denied to minority Hindus and Christians in the coastal areas of Karachi. The Saylani Welfare Trust, carrying out the relief work, said that the aid was reserved for Muslims alone. On 14 April, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom expressed concern with the discrimination.