UK approves first purpose-built crematorium for Hindus

UK's Planning Inspectorate on December 16 gave Anoopam Mission UK the planning permission for the crematorium on its 15-acre site near Denham in the southeast of England. Anoopam Mission has now decided to initiate building the structure on the Shree Swaminarayan Spiritual Cultural and Community Centre campus.
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"We welcome this important decision and the opportunity for Anoopam Mission to serve the Hindu population of the UK," said Param Pujya Sahebji, the spiritual leader of Anoopam Mission, in a statement.
"Observing 'Antim Sanskar' or last rites in accordance with our Hindu customs and rituals provides liberation for the departed soul and peace of mind for families during a sensitive time," he said.
Planning inspector Katie McDonald noted that the Hindu community in this area was "disadvantaged by being denied the opportunity to observe cultural and religious beliefs and traditions fully". The inspector stated that the Hindu community, particularly in North and West London and the surrounding counties had limitations in observing cultural and religious beliefs.