Converted Christian villagers socially boycott families who follow the Sarna faith

In Jharkhand’s Gumla district, converted Christian families have socially boycotted two families who opposed conversion to Christianity from the Sarna faith. The report published by News 18 Hindi said that due to the influence or force of Christian missionaries, the villagers boycotted the families who followed the non-Christian faith.

Gumla Dist_1 
The report said that there is such a terror of Christian missionaries in this group of about 55 households in Gadtoli village, nestled between the forests and mountains, far away from the city of Gumla, that even a leaf does not move here without their consent. It is being told that in the year 2006, the conversion started in this locality. Due to continuous propagation from Christian missionaries, more than half of the people who believe in the Sarna faith have started going to church. About 30 Sarna families have left their faith and converted to Christianity. The wrath of the Christian missionaries has wreaked havoc on those two families who denied embracing Christianity.
Constant pressure for conversion from Christian missionaries
Salik Gop's family, which denied conversion, could not muster the courage to leave their home early. Salik Gop's son Budheshwar is a teacher, but due to the social boycott, he is not able to go to school for the last six months. “When we reached this family at around 9.30 pm, the door opened after a lot of effort,” News 18 reported said.