Ahmadi Muslims flee Peshawar for their safety

Ahmadi Muslims are leaving Peshawar for their safety. The majority of Ahmadi families have sold their properties and fled to safer places to escape the constant threat to their lives from the public in general in Pakistan's northwest.
Ahmadi Muslims flee Pesha 
Ahmadis consider themselves Muslim but are constitutionally barred from declaring and propagating their faith publicly, thus barring them from projecting themselves, directly or indirectly, as Muslims. While violent attacks against the community's members and their place of worship have been occurring in most parts of Pakistan, their lives have been threatened by other Muslims in the Pashtun-dominated northwestern belt of the country.
According to Times of India report, Asghar Ahmad, a community member who has shifted his family from Peshawar to Punjab, said, "We no longer feel safe here as people who know about our faith treat us as aliens. Our faith and community are frequently condemned and denounced in religious sermons and speeches in mosques and seminaries". However, he refused to reveal the name of the city or town where he has shifted his family. "We don't feel safe even in our new homes but people, at least in new places, are unaware of our identities," Ahmad added.