Maharashtra sanctioned 156 Cr for the development of Meerasaheb Dargah in Miraj

Maharashtra Government has approved a developmental plan of Rs 156 Crore for Mira Saheb Dargah located in Miraj town of Sangali district. Local Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Mainuddin Bagwan said that funds would be received in various phases in the six years.
Maharashtra sanctioned 15 
Bagwan said," In a first phase, provision of 25 Cr will be made in the forthcoming budget. There has been a demand for development of Meerasaheb Dargah for the last few years. I have been following the issue since the Mahavikas Aghadi Government came in power."
The decision was taken in the presence of Finance Minister Ajit Pawar, Guardian Minister Jayant Patil, and Minority Development Minister Nawab Malik including other Government officials.
Hazrat Meerasaheb was a Sufi saint of his time. Muslims believed that on the command of Allah he migrated to India from Mecca (Saudi Arabia). He propagated Islam throughout his life.
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