Saira Khan receives death threats after she speaks about her faith

She raised her voice and talked about her faith. But, she received death threats, online trolling and many more. She, Saira khan, a well known British television personality updated her status on Instagram with poster and raised the issue.

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In a video published on Instagram on February 8, Khan said, "The problem for women like me, who have a Muslim name and are of Asian heritage, is that others make assumptions about us before we even open our mouths.” Before this video, in one newspaper she explained her views on her faith.
She wrote, "I will no longer inadvertently confuse or unintentionally hurt others of the Muslim faith. People assume that because we have Muslim parents we are practising Muslims, that we have read the Quran, that we fast every Ramadan, that we don't drink, that don't have sex before marriage."
She further wrote, "I respect people who have Islam in their lives - some are the most humble people I know. But I am also influenced by other spiritual teachings.”
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