Sikhs offer COVID vaccines for free in Dubai

Dubai : The Sikhs in Dubai have traded their spiced rice and dal for what has become a coveted prize, 5,000 shots of the COVID vaccine offered to people of all ages and backgrounds. As the coronavirus pandemic surges to previously unseen heights in the UAE, residents are scrambling to get vaccines in the world’s second-fastest inoculation drive.
Sikhs offer COVID vaccine
“We found a lot of people who wanted to take the vaccine but faced difficulty," Surender Singh Kandhari, the temple’s chairman said. Kandhari said many front-line medical workers who failed to get vaccinated elsewhere due to shortages and new restrictions were lining up for jabs in the temple’s parking garage Monday. “This is the only way we can serve the community," he said.
The UAE, with a vaccination campaign that trails only Israel, has administered 4.4 million shots in the country of some 10 million.
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