Christian organization shuts hostel for blind men, evict all inmates

Christian organization named the Salvation Army closed down hostel for working blind men in Byculla. Inmates claim that they were thrown out fraudulently. Around 40 blind workers were living in the hostel.
Byculla blind hostel.jpg_ 
(Photo Credit: Mid-Day, Pradeep Dhivar)
Earlier, the hostel was temporarily closed due to lockdown in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic. Since then, some inmates had returned to their hometowns or were staying with their family in the city, while some took shelter on the footpath.
Activist Cyril Dara said that hostel has thrown out these people fraudulently. First, they evicted them taking advantage of the pandemic, and then announced the permanent closure without giving any concrete reason. We knew the hostel had funding problems; but now it looks like there was a different motive, Dara added.
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