Iranian leader Ali Khamenei opposed to develop nuclear weapons

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei opposed to develop nuclear weapons with the reference of ‘fatva’ . The ‘fatva’ considered as a counter to Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi statement. Alavi stated that Iran would develop a nuclear weapon if the US and other Western nations kept up economic and political pressure on them.

Iranian leader Ali Khamen 
Although Alavi warned to US, he mentioned Ali Khamenei’s ‘fatva’ when he was interviewed by Iranian state TV. Alavi said, “The supreme leader clearly said in his fatwa that producing nuclear weapons is against religious law and the Islamic Republic will not pursue it and considers it forbidden."
The ‘fatva’ was floated firstly in 2003 and surfaced again with the reference of Alavi’s statement. Ali Khamenei has repeated that assertion about nuclear weapons , invoking the Arabic word ‘haraam’ or religiously forbidden.
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